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The 7 Rings of Marriage Bible Study
Practical Biblical Wisdom for Every Season of Your Marriage
Bridge the Gap Between the Marriage You Have & The Marriage You Hope For.
You've probably heard this before...
Studies show that roughly half of all marriages end in divorce.

One reason for this is couples today are not prepared for the good -- and bad -- that may happen in marriage.

The adrenaline rush of new love eventually fades.

Unexpected challenges arise and unmet expectations come. Couples can feel lost, hopeless, and alone.

Dreams of holy matrimony and happily ever after can turn into their worst nightmares.
How can the 7 Rings help you
The 7 Rings of Marriage helps couples see the big picture and allows you to begin with the end in mind--"until death do us part." When you know the end result you want, you can begin to take steps to get there.

This Bible study not only outlines The 7 Rings of Marriage, but provides practical biblical insight and activities to equip you in all stages of marriage.

Discover the pathway to a fulfilling and lasting marriage. Revisit the covenant you made and live out your calling as a couple, believing that God's best for your marriage is yet to come.

From the engagement ring to years after the wedding ring, every season of a marriage requires renewed commitment, fresh perspective, and practical Biblical wisdom.

Each of the 7 Rings outlined in this study will teach you to view your marriage with the end in mind, ultimately leading to a lasting and fulfilling relationship through every stage of marriage.

No matter where you are in your marriage your marriage will benefit as you...

  • Rediscover the covenant you made and live out your calling as a couple.
  • Invest in your relationship with your spouse while growing in your relationship with Christ.
  • Equip your marriage to thrive in each new stage of marriage.
  • Dig deeper into Scripture and your marriage relationship alongside other couples—encouraging, supporting, and learning together as a community.
About The 7 Rings
The 7 Rings is the path that happily married couples have taken. It's your success pathway in marriage.

  • the Engagement RING (the beginning)
  • the Wedding RING (the commitment)
  • the DiscoveRING (the real you)
  • the PerseveRING (the work)
  • the RestoRING (the fixing)
  • The ProspeRING (the goal)
  • The MentoRING (the paying it forward)
What's included in this Bible study
We understand that information without application isn't very useful. So, The 7 Rings of Marriage Bible Study was created to encourage you to apply what you're learning.

8 Teaching Videos

The first session is an introduction and overview of The 7 Rings of Marriage. Each video is approximately 15-minutes long.

As you learn you'll be given opportunities to discuss and practice what you've learned. And you'll have fun doing it!

21 Marriage Enrichment Activities

In each session we've provided some practical steps to help you put into action what you've learned from God's Word about marriage.

Choose one (or more) of the three activities in each session and enrich your marriage. Each activity is related to the lesson you've learned.

15 Date Night Ideas

Dating before marriage is probably what led to you getting married, and dating during marriage is what will help you stay married. We know first hand the importance of still dating while married.

Each session will come with creative date night ideas, so you can enjoy time together while putting into practice what you learned.

The 7 Rings of Marriage Bible Study
Session 1: Begin with the End
In this session, you will get an overview of the study and the 7 Rings of Marriage, which is the pathway of successful, lasting, and fulfilling marriages.
Session 2: Engagement Ring
This session covers the Engagement RING. Through God's Word, you'll learn to build a foundation on the Rock, Jesus Christ. Foundation building is vital at the beginning—and throughout—marriage.
Session 3: Wedding Ring
In this session, you will learn about the commitment of the Wedding RING. You'll come together as one. Learning practical ways from God's Word that lead to your marriage growing in unity.
Session 4: Discovering
This session introduces the DiscoveRING. You'll learn to become lifelong learners of each other, yourself, and what God has to say about marriage.
Session 5: Persevering
In the PerseveRING, you'll learn to stay true to the commitment of marriage, even in the difficulties of marriage. You'll learn to persevere through the hard times and ultimately grow closer through them.
Session 6: Restoring
This session explains that sometimes brokenness happens in marriage, and through the RestoRING, you'll learn to put those pieces back together. Learn what God's Word teaches about forgiveness and its importance in marriage.
Session 7: Prospering
In this session, you'll learn about the ProspeRING. This is where marriage is good. It's not perfect, but your perspective of marriage will be different. You'll see that challenges can be overcome, and you can choose joy in your marriage.
Session 8: Mentoring
In this final session, you'll be encouraged and equipped to use the knowledge and wisdom gained from your own marriage to help other couples. The MentoRING will help you see that you can use your marriage as a way to help other couples and ultimately as a way to share the gospel.
What some of our students are saying...
I believe there is no better way to serve than to strengthen marriages through God’s plan and with your “7 Rings of Marriage”.
My husband and I just finished leading our 8 week small group using The 7 Rings of Marriage! What an amazing time! Marriages were impacted and strengthened, including ours! The book and video were great tools to facilitate discussion.
Thank you for believing in marriage - we feel cared for and grateful to feel your prayers and intentions coming through strong. Love to you both.

The 7 Rings of Marriage is one of the best resources I've used on marriage, ever. (And, I'd like to say, as a pastor, I've read a lot of books on the subject.) It's the first real roadmap I've seen that captures what the real marriage experience is all about...and how to get the best from it. It is now required for anyone who asks me to officiate their wedding. If you are married, you and your spouse will benefit from reading matter what's going on in your marriage.

This makes me so happy - this whole process. I know this work you are taking us through is healing our marriage, healing our family and helping us personally!  So so powerful! I can't believe this isn't required for all marriages.

The 7 Rings is transforming marriages.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is the content live or can I watch any time?
All content is pre-recorded and you can watch at any time, on-demand.
Is The 7 Rings of Marriage just for married couples?
The 7 Rings is geared toward already married couples, but is also a great Bible study for engaged couples. In fact, we highly recommend engaged couples go through this as part of any pre-marital coaching.
Can we cancel if we're unsatisfied with the content?
You are free to cancel your account at any time. Please note, since this is a digital product we are unable to offer refunds.
How long can I access the content?
As long as you want! Our hope is that you find the content so helpful that you use it over and over again to strengthen your marriage.
Do we have to follow the schedule or can we go at our own pace?
Everything is on-demand, so you pick the pace! However, we suggest the first time you go through the Bible study to go in the order of the 7 Rings. After that, as you need to reference a particular session due to the season you find yourself in, then by all means go where you need it most.
Do we have direct access to Jackie and Stephana?
Jackie and Stephana are hosts and instructors, so In a way, you will have total access to them in the videos! If you have questions for them directly you can email them at happilymarriedcouples [at] bledsoemediagroup [dot] com.
The last question that needs to be asked...
Are you ready to transform your marriage?
Your Instructors
Jackie & Stephana Bledsoe are the founders of Happily Married Couples. Their mission is to point the hearts of couples to one another and to Christ.

They share a message of hope for marriages and families through speaking, writing, and producing digital content.

Their practical tools and resources help you better connect and communicate, so you can create a marriage worth celebrating.
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